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Unit 3 The USA (19451970) ~ Divided Union ~

Topics: ~
McCarthyism & the Red Scare
Civil Rights 19451970
Protest movements: Students & Women

The Cold War
Question: why was there a `Cold War' between the USA & the USSR after 1945?
Characteristics of Cold War…

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~ Communism threatened the American way of life
~ Communism was spreading across the world (in Eastern Europe &
~ Stalin (Joseph Stalin aka `Uncle Joe') was a vicious dictator whose
Leadership had led to the deaths of millions
~ Stalin signed the NaziSoviet Pact in 1939


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The main reason for all the tension was because the USA & the USSR had clashing
views on how a country should run. For example, the USA was a capitalist country
that believed in dictatorship. These 2 ideas were too different so the USA & the
USSR clashed.
Causes of…

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* President Truman was unsure of the act but didn't vet it evidence of the
suspicious climate.

~Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were arrested& charged with espionage (passing
atomic secrets to the USSR)
~Both sentenced to death &executed in 1953
~Both protested innocent &…

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McCarthyism ended in 1954 for several reasons:
>>Influential opposition to McCarthy's activities grew from the likes of some
Senators, Hollywood figures & newspapers like the Washington Post & New York
>> In 1954, McCarthy accused 45 army officers of being communist spies. The
public did not like the armed…


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