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Key terms

  • Suburbanisation- the movement of people from the inner city areas to the outer edges of the cities
  • Greenfield sites- are undeveloped countryside areas which haven't been built on yet 
  • Suburb- is an outlying district of a city close enough to the city center to be easily accessible by commuters 
  • Greenbelt- is a piece of open land protected by law from being built on, it consists of recreational open spaces, farmland and woodlands
  • CBD- is the Central Business District and it is basically the cultural, retail and commercial center of the city which is often characterised by good transport links


1. is often facilitated by improved transport links, increased car ownership and richer people moving out into the surrounding villages and towns of a city 

2. from the 1800s-1900s, there was a very rapid industrialisation (industrial revolution) and the need for urban areas was very high to house the…


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