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Reasons for storing data

  • Basic setup information - operating systems require computer to function
  • Application software - available for user to carry out tasks
  • Files created by user = stored so that they can be used again
  • Data may need to be transferred from one device to another
  • Backup copies - take in case the original files are lost or become corrupt

File compression

  • Reducing file size - compress them. Photographs, sound and video files (extremely large) in uncompressed format - Loose quality when compressed. MPEG compressed format - high quality video images - File can be compressed by someone sending and the receiver uncompresses it when received. - reduces transmission time - allows more data to be fitted onto storage item - backup software also compresses.

Internal and External storage

  • Uses data stored in ROM to load BIOS to make computer work - loads operating system software from the hard drive - called up from the hard drive as the user request them. - hard disk and ROM both inside the computer - internal devices. - immediate storage capacity of ROM and RAM - computer needs backing storage for mass storage of data and programs. - Personal computers - variety of removable media - Eternal hard drives - connect through the USB port - also available. - DAT tape often used to back up servers

Magnetic Servers

  • Storing datra on magnetised surfaces
  • Hard disks: day to day storage - PC systems - carried out by the hard disk. Hard disk made up of rotating plastic or metal disks - magnetic coating - data is stored. - Read/write heads move between the disks as they spin to read


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