INFO 2 Key words and definitions

Definitions from my notes typed up and put into a table, not in alphabetical order, in order of when I learnt them

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INFO 2 Definitions
Word Definition
ICT Information communication technology ­ Input, processing, storage and
transfer of data and the output of information
Data Raw Facts and figures without a meaning or context e.g 0, 1, 2, 7
Information Processed data with meaning e.g Brian, Lucy and Bob are names on a class
Code Data coded on collection before inputted on a system, small simple and
unique e.g values 1-5, Gender m/f, barcodes and colours BK, BN, Y
Encode Used by computers to convert data into a machine readable format (ASCII
and Binary) This includes sound (wav, mp3), image (JPEG, Tif, RAW) and
video (AVI, MOV) files
GUI Graphical user interface ­ WIMP (windows, icons, menus and pointers)
Network Where two or more computing devices are linked together to share data,
communication, software and peripherals
LAN Local Area Network ­ covers a single site, linked by the use of cables
WAN Wide Area Network - Large geographical area, could be linked with cables,
microwaves or satellites
MAN Metropolitan Area Network ­ Covers a town or city with cables,
microwaves or satellites
Intranet An internal network giving users access to documents frequently needed
communicatio and tools like email
Extranet Makes part of the network available to others outside of the company,
communicatio commonly used with suppliers giving limited access to information e.g a
n catalogue and previous orders
Modem Modulator demodulator, digital to analogue and back again
Broadband Allows 2 way signals
Bandwidth How much data can be sent/received at the same time
ADSL Asymmetric, digital, subscriber line (narrow band, two way
communication but dial up so only one bit at a time, either telephone or
internet) Like old times
NIC Network interface card, needed as it gives networks an address so they
can talk (wired/wireless hardware)
Protocol TCP/IP is the language needed to communicate (software that goes with
Server Centralised computer that manages a network
Data Packet Where data is split into smaller chunks and sent out across the network
Hub Connections to computer, checks everything, doesn't know what is where
Router Same as a hub but is smart and uses addresses
Repeater Device that repeats the signal and strengthens it
Bridge Another type of router (see router definition)
Web Cache Type of server that holds information and slows connection, can be placed
either side of a router
Bottleneck Heavy use of web a fast switch can be used
Peer to peer Home network which is simple and easy (hub, router and no server)

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INFO 2 Definitions
Client Server Centralised network which is more powerful
Internet Large group of interconnected computers around the world that send and
receive information to each other
WWW A collection of multimedia resources via the internet, most commonly seen
as a webpage
Full backup Backs up all data stored (takes the longest time to back up, shortest time
to restore and uses the most storage space).…read more


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