'Stairway to Heaven' in Honolulu


One of the most popular hikes in Hawaii, the Haiku Stairs, is now one step closer to removal. 

The Honolulu City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to remove the “Stairway to Heaven” in a nonbinding resolution “urging the City Administration to remove the Haiku Stairs and its accessory structures to stop trespassing, reduce disturbances to local neighborhoods, increase public safety, remove potential liability to the City, and protect the environment,” according to the City Council’s agenda. 

Honolulu has allocated $1 million for the removal. Mayor Rick Blangardi will be the ultimate decision-maker on the stairs if he approves the budget. 


With its spectacular views and the sensation of walking into the clouds, the stairs are regularly featured in Instagram and social media posts from visitors and residents alike.

But the hike itself is also…


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