Review of Savanna, Desert and Tropical Rainforest ecosytems


Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Climate&heavy rainfall.

Home to 50-70% of all life forms.

Very small amount of Earth's surface.

Most complex ecosystem.

Found in South America, Africa and South East Asia.

80 degrees celcius all year & 400-1000cm of rain

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Shrub layer- Dense plant growth

Under canopy

Canopy- 50% of forest wildlife

Emergents- Tallest trees

Mining, slash&burn, Road building & logging are destroying the rainforest

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Similar to grassland but has scattered trees.

Seasons; Cool&dry, hot&dry, warm&wet.

Found in central&southern Africa, Australia, North&east South America.

Savannas are found between tropical rainforests&deserts.

Vegetation grows when it rains.

Some plants prevent loss of water by having thorns instead of leaves.

The soil gets soakes and grass grows rapidly during wet season.

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Land that recieves lots of sunshine& little rain.

Little or no vegetation.

Hardly any clouds, little rain, hot days& cold nights.

Found in Tropics if Cancer& Capricon.

Summer; hot, little rainfall, avger. temp. 35 degrees.

No cooling effect.

Autumn/winter; much cooler, more rainfall, looses heat rapidly.

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Living community of plants& animals.

Examples of ecosystems; tropical rainforests, rivers, mountains& grassland.

Include animals, light, people, water& temperature.

Do not include fire, earthquakes, cyclones and hurrricanes.

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