Some Earthquake are bigger than others

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Why do some places suffer more than others?

  • Tectonics and the global distribution of earthquakes 
  • Most earthquakes do coincide with the major plate margins
  • A number of earthquake occur away from plate margins often referred to as "mid-plate" earthquakes
  • greater density of earthquakes than other margins
  • Earthquakes have a narrower spread at some plate margin than at others 

Mid-plate earthquakes occur

  • Stress release as pressure builds up
  • Reservoir construction, where increased weight and pore pressure
  • Water or oil abstruction
  • Mining subsidence

Earthquake magnitude and depth

  • Stronger an earthquake the more serious effects will be
  • Shallow earthqauke that occur close to the surface, tend to result in a greater intensity of surface shaking and often causes greater loss to life and property

Nature of bedrock- liquefaction is hen materials become jelly like once shake. Buildings become vulnerable to mass movement.


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