Responsibilities of a Textiles Designer

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  • Social, Moral, Cultural and Ethical issues in textiles
    • Social
      • Issues arise when  a new product has an unforeseen effect on a group of people.
      • Gender images and peer group pressure.
      • Clothing, accessories and styling of fashionable celebrities.
      • Brand loyalty
      • Leads to development of new street fashions, style and colour trends as well as development of new marketing strategies.
    • Moral
      • Could a new product enable someone to do something undesirable or illegal?
      • If you outsource production to place of cheap labour, what about unemployment, economy and exploitation.
      • Globalisation
      • Consumer awareness, new global markets, awareness of native textiles.
      • Textiles costs driven down in global marketplace.
    • Cultural
      • Does the product consider that a particular shape, colour, name can affect different groups of people?
      • Globalisation
    • Ethical
      • Choices made by consumers have an impact on others.
        • As long as people pay for cheap product produced in poor conditions and exploited workers, these factories continue to operate.
      • Worry of pollution to environment + growing support for recycling.
        • Development of new recycled fabrics; preference of higher-cost traditional fabrics over synthetic.
      • Enforcement of laws to protect the environment.


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