Secularisation in Britain (UK)

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  • Crockett estimated that in the 1851 that 40 % of the population attended church, this declined in 2005 to 6.3%.
  • 19th cenury was the golden age of religion- although many socioogists say that priests have always thought that their congregation was small and that their time was the dip in attendance records.
  • a decline in the % of the population going to church
  • an increase in teh average age of churchgoers- although their group is very small due to death, illness, injury etc.
  • fewer church services e.g. weddings and baptisms
  • a decline in the number holding a traditional christian belief
  • more religious diversity
  • Wilson argued that western societies have been going through a long process of secularisation. He defines this as religious practices, beliefs and institutions losing their social significance.
  • The trends identified earlier have continued only 6.3% of the population attend church regularly in 2005. Churchgoing in britain has halved since.
  • Church ceremonies such as weddings and baptisms remain more popular


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