Secularisation in Britain Introduction

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  • Secularisation in Britain
    • Crockett: Consensus of 1851: 40% more adults attended church than today
      • As a result, some sociologists now call the 19th century the: "golden age of religiosity."
    • Major changes in religion in the UK since the 19th century
      • 1. A decline in the proportion of the population attending church.
      • 2.. An increase in the average age of church goers.
      • 3. A decline in the numbers holding traditional Christian beliefs.
      • 4. Fewer Baptism and church weddings.
      • 5. An increase in religious diversity, including more non-Christian religions.
      • Sociologists have put forwards different explanations of these trends and reached different conclusions about whether and how far religion is declining.
        • Example: Wilson: In 1996, said that Western societies had been undergoing a long-term process of secularisation.
          • Defined secularisation as: "The process whereby religious practices, beliefs and institutions lose social significance."


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