Citizenship in Athens

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Why citizenship was so important

- Gave an individual identity to a roman it meant they weren't a slave or barbarian

-Most important concepts in Athenian society and politics

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Who could be a citizen?

- Only Athenian men could be full citizens

- Achieved the status at the age of 20 and only once they had been recognised as legitimate by thier exteneded family and their village 

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What rights did they have?

- Male citizens could sit in the Assembly

- Sit in the law courts

-If from higher social classes they could hold govt. jobs 

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Pericles Reforms in 451BC

- Under Pericle's reforms a person should not have the rights of citizen-ship unless both of his parents had been citizens

-Harder to gain citizenship

-Number of citizens would decrease

-Purer blood-line

-Increases status of Athenian women

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Why were Pericles reforms introduced?

-Influx of migrants who became metics so was an attempt to make citizenship harder and more limited

-During the tension of the Peloponnesian war so he was ensuring pure Athenians were citizens and not from other states

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