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Imperial Cult


Really good - The Roman gods made it feasible that he could become a god due
to them being human. ­ obtainable
there wasn't much threat from other religions
Eastern cults looked bad after Actium
Image of the decedent east (marc Antony and Cleopatra)
The importance of…

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Tiberius would crucify members of the cult of Isis
Tacitus- Tiberius denied the Spanish offer of a temple in his name
Suet- "abolished foreign cults, especially the Egyptian and the Jewish
rites...Those of the Jews who were of military age he assigned to provinces of
less healthy climate, to…

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After his death his memory was damned ­ much evidence of the imperial cult
from Nero's reign would have been Destroyed
Dio- Nero was born for the throne "destined" rather than forced like Caligula


Open to alternative religions (came from the east himself)
Anti Jew- had to deal with…


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