Role of Stalin

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Gaddis: As long as he was alive, Cold War was inevitable.


  • Absolutist. No capacity for comprimise. Inability to be flexible exemplified by Maxim litvinov: 'it would lead to the West being faced after a more or less short time with the next series of demands.' 

Preoccpation with Security

  • Russia invaded in 1915, 1918, 1941/ 
  • Policy on Poland (1945) Stalinisation of EE. 'Matter of life or death.' Obsessed with issue Postdam and Yalta, very difficult over it. Moved to Oder-Neisse line on his demand. 5m Germans had to move 
  • BUT caution and restraint. Recognise Greece as an area of British Influence (Moscow Council December 1945) 
  • Did not object to US troops in SK despite proximity to USSR. 

Promoting CW tension. 

  • February 1946 provocative speech - inevitable conflict with capitalist. Justify introduction of further 5-year plans. 


  • Retained presence in Iran after March 1946 deadline. Secure access to…


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