cult of personality

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  • Cult of Personality
    • Official histories
      • Cult of Stalin underpinned by this
      • Exaggerated Stalin's role in Oct Rev
    • Faking history
      • Photos and paintings doctored to present a false image from the past
      • Showed Stalin playing a lead role in planning the Oct Rev
    • Stalin in art
      • Lenin's pupil
        • 1930's-Stalin shown as Lenin's pupil
        • Presented as faithfully carrying on Lenin's work
      • The myth of two leaders
        • Late 1930's-Marxism-Leninism became Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism
        • Stalin had always been Lenin's equal according to myths
    • The popular cult
      • Cult of Stalin and continuing Cult of Lenin provided a focus
    • Significance
      • Emphasised the wisdom and greatness of Stalin
      • Russians felt their destiny was in safe hands
      • Carrying on the work of Lenin-a secular saint


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