Propaganda - Communists

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  • Propaganda
    • Slogans
      • Bolsheviks, 'Peace, bread, land' & All power to the Soviets'
      • Like Tsarists used pamphlets, tracts, newspapers
    • Cult of personality
      • Lenin & Stalin = heroes. Stalin = Lenin of today. Leningrad & Stalingrad
      • Imagery of Lenin after death. Body, mausoleum at Red square
    • Newspapers
      • Pravda and Izvestiya, promoted 5 year plans
    • Groups
    • Arts
      • Role of little man emphasised, jazz music banned
        • Cinemas used by Stalin to promote 5 year plans
    • Leisure
      • Moscow football teams show Europe, good Communism
    • Stakhonvite produced more coal than others, role model


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