Revision Quiz - Germany: 1914-1933 Enabling Act

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Germany: 1914 – 1933 Enabling Act

1. Who ruled Germany until the end of WW1? (1 mark)

* Kaiser Wilhelm II.

2. What happened to this person at the end of WW1? (2 marks)

* Forced to abdicate.

* Fled to Europe/Holland.

3. How did Ebert deal with the Left Wing Revolutionaries/Spartacists? (1 mark)

* He used the Freikorps (ex-soldiers) to crush them.

4. How did Ebert deal with the strength of the Freikorps and the Kapp Putsch? (2 marks)

* He used the workers – they went on strike and the new government collapsed.

5. What three problems did the Weimar government face in 1923? (3 marks)

* The Occupation of the Ruhr.

* Inflation – Hyperinflation.

* The Munich Putsch.

6. Name one individual…


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