Revision Checklist: 'Crude oil and fuels' and 'Other useful substances from crude oil'

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  • What is crude oil?
  • What is the process of separating crude oil into fractions and how does it work?
  • What are the properties of long-chain moleculed fraction?
  • What are the properties of short-chain moleculed fractions?
  • What is an alkane and what is its general formula?
  • What are the first three alkanes and what are their structures?
  • What does a line represent in these structures?
  • What are the two types of combustion and what are their formulas?
  • What gases can be released when burning hydrocarbons?
  • What problems do these gases cause?
  • When can sulphur be removed from fuels?
  • Where do biofuels come from?
  • What


Aishah J.

this is very good to cover the content but doesnt really tackle the exam style questions. to improve i would include questions that realte to the exam. (however this is very good and i do appreciate the fact that you have put it online so thank you.take my advice as constructive criticism

Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Thanks and i do see it as constructive :) i did not mean this list as a set of questions which are the type you get, simply as a list to test your knowledge - if you can answer all the questions you know all the syllabus content, and if you can't answer some, you know which things you need to revise. thanks for the advice :)


hi Please could you make some revision material for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and History GCSE. I tried inboxing you but I'm new and couldnt figure out how to lol :)

Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Yeah I can do some for the three sciences first units, and for Germany 1918-45. Do you have any preference e.g. notes/cards and which areas of the specification in science? :)x

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