Restoration of Catholicism Mary I

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Mary faced several problems

  • Protestantism although a minority faith had attracted people from London and in other parts of the South
  • Reformed Church of England was enshrined in statute law
  • many members of political elites benefited finacially from acquistion of monastic land and had no desire to surrender their gains
  • 80 MPs voted against the repeal of Edwardian religious laws 
  • 800 people mainly from political elites went into exile at centres of European Protestantism

Mary operated cautiously, foreign Protestants were ordered to leave the country and most prominent Protestant clergy were deprived of livings (some cases imprisoned)

Mary's first parliament in October 1553

  • repealed eccleiastical laws passed in Edward VI's reign
  • restored order of service at time of Henry VIII
  • all clergy who were married could be deprived of all their livings

 However the reversing


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