The Marian settlement


Mary's aims

She was brought up as a strict Catholic and was determined to restore Catholicism to England, return to the supremacy of Rome and enforce Catholic doctrine such as transubstantiation. Mary felt that she needed to defeat the Protestant heresy and save England. 

Mary felt that the popular outburst of support for her accession was a confirmation that the people were eager for a return to the 'true religion'. It was infact most probably down to the fact that their support was for a true Tudor monarch instead of having Northumberland.

In July 1553 there was no obvious opposition to Mary planning to reintroduce Catholicism. 

The First Statute of Repeal, 1553

Parliment met in October 1553 and immediatly began to dismantle the Protestant Reformation in England. The First Statue of Repeal reversed all the religious legislation passed in Edwards reignand restored the Church of England to the position that it had been in…


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