Religious Studies- The Problem of Evil


Logical problem= The fact that evil exists, is a contradiction to say that God has each of his "O" properties

God is omnipotent (all powerful)- God can stop it

God is omniscient (all knowing)- God knows its going to happen

God is benevolent (all loving)- why would he not stop it.

- Either have to rule out evil or that God is not all of those things.

Evidential problem= The amount and type of evil provides evidence to doubt the probability of divine existience. 

Solution: Evil is neccesay for devleopment (to develop virtues, we need evil)

The Fall:

Original sin

Apple- disobeyed

Freewill (as God is benevolent)

Evil enters the world (birth, death etc..)

We are to blame


Big picture

Princciple of plenitude


We are to blame. 


Evil= absence of good

God= all loving= gives us freewill

Original sin= deserve punishment= sin in blood

To be saved= Jesus takes sin of makking

Big picture= need evil to develop



No longer plausable its our fault- animals always violent

Science= evolved from animals

Perfect beings wouldnt turn away from God.

Evil is still evil when viewed in "Big Picture"

God could of created a better worlds

God predestined us to sin (pre-planned) 

1. If you dont know something is right or wrong, should you be held account for what you did?

2. Adam and Eve must have already of known about evli, meaning that…


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