Religious Studies All Levels (1)

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- expeditions, "holy wars" to regain Holy Land from Muslims, 

- seven over 200 years 

- led to much suffering and death 

-stirred up enthusiasm in Catholic Faith 


- Split or division

- Great Schism-- Split of eastern and western churches, caused by    differences in belief 

- Protestant reformation-- Martin luther posted beliefs on Church   Door, excommunicated from church,all   who agreed joined him- became protestants

Important Popes in History                                                                                  

Charlemagne-- trained by monks,crowned emperor and king in europe, no

church/state separation, faith leaders became rich and greedy

Pope St. Gregory VII-- reformed separation between church/state

Pope St. John XXIII -- opened second Vatican Council 

Pope Leo XII-- wrote 1st major encyclical, Rerum Novarum 

Pope St. Gregory the Great-- sent missionaries to evangelize to Barbarians 

Dark(Middle) Ages

Pope Benedict XVI -- current Pope

Pope Pius IX- started 1st vatical council 



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