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Basic notes on judaism.


The Story Of Abraham's Family

  • The Lord came to Abraham and said he must go to the promise land and god would make him a great nation.
  • Abraham left with his family and when they reached Moreh, the lord appeared and said i will give this land to you children.
  • Abraham was confused because him and Sarai were childless.
  • Sarai was old and to frail to bare a child, so they decided to mkae hagar concieve the baby.
  • Sarai got upset and jealous with hagar, so hagar ran away to the desert.
  • The Lords angel came down and told hagar she must go back and obey sarai and that hagar would have a son and he was to be named ishmael.
  • Hagar had a baby and he was named Ishmael....years passed.
  • God came down and told Sarai and Abram their names were to be Abraham and Sarah, he said they were to have a son called Isaac that was to be concieved by Sarah.
  • Sarah didn't want Ishamel and Hagar around anymore so she told abraham he had to make them leave.
  • They started to Musilim religion.
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Abraham Tested

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Why Was Abraham Tested

  • God said to Abraham - Go to the region or Moriah and sacrifice Isaac.
  • Abrham was sad but did not question the Lord.
  • He left with his son telling the family they were going on a trip.
  • Abraham prepared wood so Isaac could be burnt offering.
  • Isaac was confused but did as his father said.
  • Suddenly they heard god say "Do not lay a hand on the boy. Now I know that you fear god."
  • Abraham and Isaac were both relieved and killed a ram as an offering to God.
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  • God tested Abraham to see - how faithful he was, whteher or not he loved and trusted God.
  • I don't think God should if done that because - Abraham must of been really upset thinking he was to loose his only son and poor Isaac didnt know what was going on.
  • Abraham was faithful and gained a lot from God.
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  • Prayer shawl
  • Used during the morning on all weekdays.
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  • Two small black boxes with black strap attached to them.
  • Jewish men place one box on their head and tie the other one on their arm.
  • They are worn each weekday morning.
  • The black boxes contain scroll with a portion of the Torah written inside.
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  • Skull cap used to cover up the top of the head
  • Most Jews will cover their head when - praying, attending the synagogue and at religious events.
  • Wearing one is seen as a sign of devoutness.
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  • Hebrew word for side locks or side curls.
  • They are the strands of hair grown in front of the ear by men.
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  • Means teaching and law
  • Consists of the Pentateuch (first five books of the old testament) - which are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.
  • Contains - laws, stories and teachings.
  • It is the duty of every Jew to study it.
  • Includes details of the covenant between God and the Jews.
  • When not in use it is kept in a special cupboard called the Holy Ark.
  • It is wrapped in a cover called a mantle, often with a crown placed on top.
  • It is read with a pointer called a yad, because it can never be touched by hands.
  • It can never be placed on the floor.
  • The Torah is read from a Bimah (raised platform)
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