Should religion be taught in schools?

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  • Should religion be taught in schools?
    • Arguments FOR
      • 52% of people think it should
      • Children should know and learn about all religions
      • Teaches to accept and be open minded
      • Teaches ethical values
      • Challenges misconceptions, prejudice and ignorance which can divide society
    • Arguments AGAINST
      • 48% of people disagree with religious education
      • Holy books like Bible or Koran contradict themselves so it could confuse students
      • Imposes upon beliefs of individuals
      • Teacher may be biased toward their own religion
      • Objectises religious students in the class
    • Countries that:
      • DO
        • England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Norway
      • DON'T
        • France, Usa, Japan
      • BOTH
        • Lebanon
    • UK laws & education
    • What level should it be taught to?
    • Why is it taught?


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