Religious Charities and Poverty - Christian Aid and CAFOD

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Religious Organisations - CAFOD and Christian Aid

One religious charity is CAFOD which therefore began as a disaster emergency aid supplier in 1962 in order to centralise funding and thus therefore offer more effective wide ranging effects. As a result, this therefore means that CAFOD began as an emergency organsiation. This included working with DEC (the Disaster Emergency Committee) and proving counselling and support to create communities.Even so today it employs more long-term aid by providing building materials and providing water piping and other factors that improve the overall HDI (Human Development Indicator). Most recently this has been seen in a Brazilian shanty town in which CAFOD helped to install water pipes. The effects of this gave the people a long-term reliable source of water whilst also intilling greater hope for improvement; thus increasing morale and community support. CAFOD also aims to provide more sustainable developments. These are developments that allow the people…


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