Define a LEDC and a MEDC
A less economical developed country and a more economically developed country
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What's a natural disaster?
A disaster caused by natured eg- earthquake, volcano
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What's a civil war?
A war fought against a country's government by people living within that country
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What's corruption?
Dishonesty that usually leads to accumulation of wealth (gradually gets worse)
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What's the climate?
The regular weather conditions of an area
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What's World Trade?
Different countries buying and selling goods to/from each other
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What's Global Interdependance?
Where certain foundries depend on other countries for things like trade and survival
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What's Zakah?
The thirt pillar of Islam, the idea that we should give 2.5% of your income to the poor
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What's Justice?
Doing something that's right and fair depending on the law or it could be making up for something you've done wrong
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What's stewardship?
The idea that believers have a duty to look after the earth on behalf of god
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What's compassion?
A feeling of pity that makes someone want to help
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What's a religious orginisation?
An orginisation set based on religious principles , usually set up by one religion eg-Christian Aid
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What's unfair trade?
Where the producers are exploited by the buyers
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What's fair trade?
A system of trading that ensures fair prices for produce from LEDs
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What's emergency aid?
Another term for short term aid& it's aid that's given after the disaster to immediately help deal with the after math eg-blankets, food, shelter etc..
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What's long term aid?
Assistance given to poorer countries possibly over a long period of time but has a long lating effect eg- building clean water wells
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What's sustainable development?
People that are helped to develop their skills and learn new ones which can be used again
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What causes poverty?
Climate, Lack of resources, natural disasters, war, corruption, debt, exploitation, population growth, economic reasons eg-world trade
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What are the basic needs of life?
Water, food, shelter, education, employment, health
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What's the circle of poverty?
No money so less food>lack of food (especially protein)>hunger>lack of energy>unable to work& easily ill>grows less food or earns less money
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What are the Christian teachings on world poverty?
'Love thy neighbour as you love thy self' you should therefor help the poor in the same way you would want someone to help you in that situation. Also they belive in the Pariable of the good Samaritan- Christians should help all people
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What are the Muslim teachings on world poverty?
'He who eats and drinks when his brother goes hungry is not one of us' , fasting during Ramadan teaches Muslims compassion for the poor
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What's Christian aid?
An orginisation set up to help refugees in the war, recent projects include helping those living in poverty around the world.
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What's CAFOD?
A Christian(catholic) charity set up to centralise fundraising and be more effective and wide ranging with it. Recent projects include funding water pipes to Brazil shanty towns.
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What's Islamic Relief?
A orginisation that helps provide long-term development to LEDC's, most of the work is done in Muslim countries, recent projects include setting up hospitals and Mobile health clinics to Ingushetia
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How does fair trade work?
Farmers in LEDCS's paid minimum price and a fair trade premium, a co-operative (group of people) then help each other to produce and sell products. When the global price falls the farmers get the minimum wage, when higher they get the market value
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What's the teaching for long term aid?
'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for the day, teach him how tonuse a fishing rod and he can feed himself forever'
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What's the Burma Cyclone disaster?
Burma is ruled by a military government(no freedom) in 2008 cyclone damaged Burma and the government refused any help but lots of charities(Christian aid,Islamic relief)raised £18 million and the government took it to help rebuild lives
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What can religious believers do about world poverty?
Raise awareness, pray, go to church, buy fair trade products, sponsored events
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What's a natural disaster?


A disaster caused by natured eg- earthquake, volcano

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