Culture and Identity Ethnicity

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  • Ethnicity
    • Socialization
      • The Family
        • Children learn ethnicity-related norms
          • Marriages religious values, dress and diet
      • Education
        • Ethnic students are labelled as 'trouble' due to racism
      • Religion
        • Religious festivals, E.g Eid, Diwali e.t.c provide shared values and builds a positive identity in south asian communities in a white British culture
      • Global Media
        • The same cultural identities are able to be formed in different countries e.g bollywood films
        • The media may create ethnic identities through stereotyping of minority ethnic groups
    • Sewell
      • Drawing on strengths from their culture can be a way to resist racism
      • E.g Anti-school black subculture made in retaliation of the denial of status
    • Fanon
      • Individuals can adopt more than one identity
      • E.g Asian identity at home, White mask at school
      • Hybrid Identities
        • Different identities to fit into different communities and social groups
      • White Mask
        • Playing down your own culture and acting as the dominant class (white) to fit in
    • Hall
      • Globalisation - Global media and inter-ethnic marriages merge cultures - Creating new ethnities


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