Reasons for the Growth of minority ethnic faiths in the UK

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  • Reasons for the growth of minority ethnic faiths in the UK
    • Cultural Identity
      • Knott states that when elderly Asian women first came to Britain  they felt isolated an found comfort in there religion
      • Durkheim pointed out religion helps maintain social solidarity
      • Immigrants conscientiously practice their faiths as a way of reinforcing their cultural identity
      • Collective worship gives them a point of contact with fellow immigrant
        • Thus consolidating the community
    • Racism
      • Religion positively reinforces their ethnic identity in the face of racism
      • Ramji found that for young males in his sample, Islam gives them a degree of status which they feel they cannot achieve in other ways, due to racial discrimination
      • Ethnic groups' refusal to assimilate into the wider culture can be seen as threaten by the host population, fueling racism
        • Example of his is the refusal of Sikh men to wear motorcycle helmets because their religion forbids them from  removing there turbans
          • Th police and the courts tolorats this on the basis of religious freedom
            • But it is interpretative as a form of discrimination in the eyes of  some of the white population, because they believe that they are allowed to get away with a crime
    • Degree of control
      • It is a central point in there lives and that gives them amount of control in there everyday lives
      • For example
        • Muslims must eat specially prepared halal food .
        • Sikh males have to wear turbans
        • Muslim women may also be expected to wear a veil or hi jab


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