IDENTITY: key concepts, theories, studies

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  • I D E N T I T Y
    • GENDER
    • AGE
      • culture: religion/language/where we live/skin colour, etc
        • MODOOD (1997): 'Asian' category consists of different nationalities + religions + languages
          • BRAH: Young British Asians very skilled code-switchers (BRASIANS)
            • JACOBSON: many young Pakistani's adopt strong islamic identity= response to social exclusion
        • GHUMANN (1999): traditional family roles important in upbringing of 2nd generation Asians/ Asian kids tend to be socialised in extended family
          • HEWITT: identifies white culture as invisible/every culture celebrated but white/we need to find ways to allow whites to be proud of celebrating their culture
            • WINSTON + JAMES: the experience of racism amongst African-Caribbean culture unified them- label 'black' a positive resistance to racism
        • CASHMORE + TROYANA: em's turn inwards/seek support from others as response to racism= religion + culture strengthened + supported (becomes key source of identity)
      • Arguments to support: Ethnic Identities are changing
        • MODOOD (1997): 2nd generation African/Caribbean + Asian backgrounds= felt more British than parents
        • POSTMODERNISTS: Society is globalised/media saturated/enables choice/we can choose aspects of identity + ethnicity becoming less significant (process of individualisation + secularisation)


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