Religion & Social Position - ETHNICITY

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Britain today is a multi cultural society, characterised by religious pluralism, a diversity of religious faiths & forms of religious practices. About 72% of the population identify themselves as Christian. Although most Christians in Britain are white, many of them are of Black African & Caribbean origins. In addition, in 2006, there were significant numbers of Muslims (3.3M), Hindus (1.4M), Jews (500K), Sikhs (200K) & Buddhists (20K.)

Muslims, Hindus & Black Christians are considerably more likely than White Christians to see religion as important to their identity. O'Beirne carried out the first detailed Home Office survey of the nation's beliefs & found that white Christians ranked religion tenth behind family, work, age, interests, education, nationality, gender, income & social class. In contrast, blacks ranked their religious beliefs third, while Asians placed it second behind family.



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