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Explain briefly what is meant by the term chastity.

My answer:

Chastity is the belief of not having sex before marriage. To some Christians, this means you are waiting to have sex with the right person that you love and are in a committed relationship with.

What the book says:

Chastity: sexual purity. Not having sex before marriage. Chastity means acting modestly and being in control of sexual urges and desires. Christians who believe in Chastity believe that sex is for marriage and is not a casual or passing arrangement. This includes single people who have never been married, widows and homosexual couples. 

Outline Christian beliefs about homosexuality 

My answer:

Some Christians think that in the modern world traditions have changed. For example, it is now legal to have homosexual relationships. These Christians think that the world has to adapt to these changes and accept homosexual relationships. They also believe that it is the way God may them and adds variety to the world. However, some Christians believe it is a sin and that God is against homosexuality as biologically the only way to have children is through a man and woman, and God said 'be fruitful and increase in number'. The Roman Catholic Church accept homosexuality but say that they have to be celibate.

What the book says:

Some Christians believe that homosexuality is a result of sin. It goes against God's plan for humanity and is forbidden in the Bible: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable' (Leviticus 18:22). On the other hand, some Christians believe gay and lesbian people are not sinful because of their attraction to members of the same sex, but that sex is only for married men and women. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that gay and lesbian people are called to be celibate.

Explain Christians attitudes to the use of contraception. 

My answer:

Some Christians accept contraception as they believe it is useful in the modern world for family planning and making sure families don't get too big for the parents to manage. They also say that sex is an act of two people becoming one, and not always for reproduction. The Church of England says that only natural family planning is acceptable, however other churches say that artificial contraception such as the contraceptive pill is acceptable when used between…


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