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RE revision - By Jasmine Moodie page and will take you to
the question page for that
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Religious Upbringing
Religious experiences
Arguments for the existence of God
Unanswered Prayer
Evil and Suffering
What Christians say to Evil and Suffering
Non-religious explanation of the world
Non-religious explanation of miracles
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Sunday School
Prayers e.g. Before bed
Family services
How does this lead to belief?
1) Learn about only one religion
2) All of friends believe
3) Parents believe and children trust their parents to be right
4) It is normal to them…read more

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What makes people believe?
1) Numinous ­ feeling the presence of God and being in
awe and wonder e.g. A sunset
2) Conversion ­ change in religion e.g. Paul gets blinded
by God's bright light on the road to Damascus which
makes Paul believe
3) Miracle ­ event with no scientific explanation e.g.
Water into wine, resurrection, fish/bread, walking on
4) Prayer ­ the belief that you are communicating with
god: if a prayer is answered someone will believe.…read more

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1) so complex ­ William Paley found a watch and said `'
1) everything has a cause like a set of
It is so complex there must be a designer'' and like the dominoes, when one gets knocked,
watch, the world needs a designer because it is so everything else follows, but you need the
complex! initial pushing force.
Evidence of complexity: 2) God is the causation/pushing force!
1) DNA
2) evolution Arguments against this:
3) beauties of nature Is everything is caused by something...
then what caused God?
Arguments against this: Big Bang was the initial cause of the earth!
Evil and suffering: if there was a creator, why would he
put evil and suffering in the world and natural Counter Arguments
disasters, couldn't it just be chance that the world What caused the Big Bang?
looks designed?
Counter Arguments
You can't appreciate happiness if you never feel
If we didn't feel pain, we wouldn't protect ourselves
God created humans with FREE WILL meaning he did
not want us to be happy all the time and we have to
make choices about right and wrong.…read more

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Prayer ­ an attempt to communicate with God, usually done through words.
People pray to be closer to God.
Some may pray for something in particular e.g. World peace
Some Christians pray as a source of strength in difficult times
Why might an unanswered prayer be a problem for Christians?
1) Christians may start to question the existence of God
2)Some may believe there is something wrong with them e.g. They did not
feel the presence of God with them when praying.
3) Start to question if they are praying to a God that answers some prayers,
but not others!
Why might a prayer be unanswered?
1) If what you have prayed for is selfish ( e.g. `'Please help me pass my RE
exam'') or personal (e.g. `'please cure my Grandad from cancer'') you may
have to accept that what you are asking for is not part of God's plan
2)Part of God's plan? Not passing your exams might make you work harder!…read more

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