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RE revision - By Jasmine Moodie
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How and why attitudes to the roles of women and men have changed in the
Christian attitudes to equal rights for women in religion and the reasons for
The nature of the UK as a multi-ethnic society including problems of
discrimination and racism
Government action to promote community cohesion
Work of the Christian Church to help asylum seekers and immigrants
Why Christians should help promote racial harmony
Exclusivism, inclusivism, pluralism
Benefits of living in a multi-faith society
Issues raised for a multi-faith society
Ways in which religions help to promote racial harmony and community
How has a community cohesion issue been presented in the media…read more

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Is the act of togetherness
and bonding exhibited by
members of a community ­
people getting along
together; social harmony.…read more

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How have attitudes changed?
Before the 1900's women were treated differently to men
1921 women over 30 could vote
1982 women had equal voting rights to men, could stand as MP's.
Equal Pay Act 1970
1975 Sex Discrimination Act
Why have attitudes changed?
WW1&2 women took men's jobs, proved they could do it just as well.
Other countries gave women equal rights, so the UK had to follow.
The Suffragettes fought for equal rights
U.N Human rights means its now illegal for women and men to be treated
differently…read more

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Traditional Protestants:
Men and women, different roles so different rights
Jesus only has male disciples
In Genesis Adam was created first
St Paul taught that women should not speak in church
Modern Protestants:
Men and women should have equal roles in life and religion, even accept female ministers
Genesis-God created man and woman equally, all in God's image
Jesus treated women as his equals
There were women priests in the early church
Catholic Christians:
Men and Women should have equal roles in society
Genesis- God created man and women at the same time, in His image so should be treated equally
However only men can become priests because in mass the priest represents Jesus and Jesus was a
Catechism teaches equality.…read more

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Prejudice - no jobs given to members of different
religions or certain ethnic groups. People are
refused accommodation by prejudiced landlords.
Education - prejudice of teachers limits success for
pupils and students can be downgraded or
excluded from school
Discrimination by Police - 'Stop and Search policy
can be excessive in some ethnic and religious
communities because of their race or beliefs.
Blacks more likely to be stopped than white…read more

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