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R.E Revision
Catholic Christianity
Section 3.1
Believing in God…read more

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3.1 Believing in God
Agnosticism- Not being sure whether God exists
Atheism- Believing that God does not exist
Conversion- When your life is changed by giving yourself to God
Free will- The idea that human beings are free to make their own choices
Miracle- Something which seems to break the laws of science which makes
you think that only God could have done it
Moral evil- Actions done by humans with cause suffering
Natural evil- Things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with
Numinous- The feeling of a presence of something greater than you
Omni-benevolent- The belief that God is all good
Omnipotent- The belief that God is all powerful
Omniscient- The belief that God knows everything that has happened and
knows everything that will happen
Prayer- An attempt to contact God, usually through words…read more

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Catholic upbringing
Parents are likely to:
- Have children baptised and promise to bring them up as Catholics
(marriage vows)
- Teach children to believe in God
- Teach children to pray
- Take children to Mass (to learn to worship)
- Send children to Catholic school
How does upbringing lead to/support belief in God?
It is natural for children with a Catholic upbringing to believe in God
- Parents have told them to believe in God (children listen)
- Parents would not waste time praying to nothing
- So many people at Mass worship God
- Taught by teachers in Catholic school (teachers would not lie)…read more

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(D) Question
Is Catholic upbringing good or bad?
Good Bad
Keeps family together as they join in They have not chosen their own religion
religious activities so can never truly believe
Gives morals (right/wrong) Takes away human right to freedom of
Sense of belonging in community Works against community cohesion by
making children think other religions are
wrong…read more

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Religious experience
Religious experience Explanation
Numinous -Feeling a presence of something greater
E.G when looking at a beautiful place which
makes them think only God could have
created it, God must exist
Conversion -Changing your life by giving yourself to
E.G Feeling a calling to dedicate yourself to
God, so God must exist
Miracle -Breaks laws of science, only God could
have caused this
E.G Thinking something is unexplainable
except from being caused by omnipotent
force- God
Prayer -An attempt to contact God
E.G People can feel God is listening/
prayers are answered- God must have done…read more

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(D) Question
"Religious experience proves Gods existence"
Agree Disagree
Numinous Numinous feeling is caused by
surroundings-not God
Prayer There are more unanswered prayers than
answered ones
Miracle All miracles can be explained with science
E.G Jesus was not actually dead when
taken off the cross- so the resurrection
was just him recovering…read more

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