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4.1:C: Explain why the role of men and women have changed in the UK

  • The Equal Pay act 1970 - women had to be paid the same as men for the same job
  • The Sex Discrimination act 1975 -women had an equal right to getting a job
  • The availability of contraception 1960 meant women could control when they had a family
  • The feminist movement has worked to secure equal rights for women socially and politically.

4.2:C: Explain why some Christians do not accept that women should have equal rights in religion

  • In Genesis, God created man first and woman to be a companion to him
  • Jesus only chose men to be his apostles
  • St Paul taught women to submit to their husbands as they would to do the Lord
  • Jesus was a man and the priest represents Jesus

4.3:C: Choose one religion other than Christianity and explain why some of its followers believe in equal rights for men and women

  • It is written in the Hadith 'All people are equal'
  • There is evidence that Prophet Muhammad allowed women to lead prayers in a household which contained men and women
  • There are examples of women around the world, particularly in China and Canada, who are effective Imams.
  • In early Islamic history, a few Muslim groups allowed women eaders so that should still be allowed.

4.4:C: Explain why discrimination causes problems in the UK

  • It might lead to conflict between people and could lead into extreme violence e.g riots
  • It can lead to people not having the same chances in education as others.
  • It prevents society working as efficiently as it otherwise could.
  • It means that individuals are not valued for who they are

4.5:C: Same…


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