Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Causes and Symptoms 

  • caused by two species of rod shaped bacteria 
  • symptoms include: a persistent cough, tiredness, loss of appetite that may lead to weight loss, fever and coughing up of blood 


  • spread through the air by droplets from when infected individuals cough or sneeze 

Groups that are at greater risk are:

  • those living in close contact with infected individuals over long periods 
  • work or reside in long term care facilities where lots of people are in close contact eg. old peoples' homes, care homes, hospitals or prisons 
  • people from countries where TB is common 
  • people that have reduced immunity such as: 
    • The very young or very old 
    • Those with AIDS 
    • People with other diseases that make the body less able to resist disease eg. diabetes 
    • Those under going treatment with immunosupressant drugs eg. transplant patients 
    • The malnourished 
    • Alcoholics or injecting drug users 
    • The homeless  


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