PSYUNIT3: Health- Physiological explanation of substance misuse

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Physiological explanation


  • An increase in the activity of the dopamine reward system has been linked to increase in addictive behaviours.
  • Stimulation of the MDP is involved in pleasure and reinforcement. The neaurotransmitter mainly involved in this is dopamine.
  • In normal situations the MDP is constantly active, releasing small amounts of stable mood states. So there is a balance between our reward centres and our control centres (which tell us when we've had enough).
  • MDP is activated when we eat something pleasurable. When we want it again, our craving centre is then activated.
  • So, eating chocolate eases the craving which gives us pleasure. This is the same with eating chocolate.
  • Substances may also influence secretion of endorphins in the EOS. This is like our innate pain relieving system
  • Endorphins act as nuotransmitters at 3 major…


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