PSYUNIT3: Criminal- SLT explanation of crime(AO1+2)

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  • Social learning theory says that all behaviour is leant from observing a model
  • SLT emphasises cognitive processes. The stimulus from the environment along with the individual will determine your behaviour/response.
  •  According to SLT, the process of learning is known as; Attention, retention, reproduction and motivation.
  • Attention refers to when the behaviour is being observed, this is the first stage- According to Bandura, imitation is influenced by certain characteristics of the model. e.g age, gender, sex.
  • Retention refers to you scripting the model and encoding that specific behaviour. This is because banduras theory is based on cognitive processing
  • Reproduction is where the person imitates the models act. The individuals acts that they are producing are now very similar, if not, exactly the same as the models.
  • - Banduras study shows how aggression, for example, can be measured by noting how many times the specific behaviour eg 'punching' was imitated by the observer.
  • How likely you are to imitate the behaviour is


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