Problems with general PH at the moment, was it overcome?

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  • in 1855 there was a Nuisance Removal Act which encouraged local authorities to deal with the overcrowding issues
  • Artisans' Dwelling Act of 1868 forced Landlords to repair insanitory houses, if not then the council had power to pull it down
  • Artisants' Dwelling Act of 1875 gave local councils power to clear whole districts rather than just houses if landlords did not sort out insanitory houses
  • overall this improved housing greatly, cleaning up and enhancing the conditions, however the Dwelling Acts were not mandatory and local authorities were not obliged to implement them


  • 20% of Birmingham only had their water piped into households
  • by 1875, 50% of people in Edinburgh had water piped into houses, for £5
  • 1871 Parliamentary Select Committee on Protection of Infant Life heard evidence from a Manchester day nursery where every child who attended was covered in lice
  • even by the end of the century there was still sanitary conditions and lack of washing, there was lacking improvements here - water was expensive so many still got theirs out of wells or sandpipes, only those who could afford it would have water piped into their homes


  • food was severely lacking in nutrients
  • brewers used to put posion in their ale and porter
  • cheese was coloured with red led
  • in 1860 Food and Drugs Act allowed local authorities to appoint analysts to investigate food if complaints were received which basically meant…


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