Problems Facing Italy after the Great War

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Problems facing Italy after the Great War


At the write up of the treaty of Versailles, Italy only got a fraction of what she was promised. Italy received the European territory promised, however the German colonies in Africa were divided between the Big Three and Italy did not receive any of the reparations paid by the defeated powers.


This caused a sense of betrayal  by the “allies”, a major patriotic indignation – many Italians believed that they had been taken for fools – and a common felt feeling of discontent towards the aftermath of the Great War.


Economic Problems:


The war devastated the Italian economy. For a time there had been an industrial boom when uniforms, weapons and food were needed for the thousands of soldiers. However after the war, many of the soldiers were demobilised and had to return to citizen life. There were very high unemployment rates and due to the overproduction of war related essentials, many companies went into bankruptcy. There was also a shortage of food for


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