Pressure Groups; Unit 1 Politics

PRESSURE GROUPS are political organisations that seek to influence public policy, particuarly government legislation. In the UK there are around 33,000 registered PG

On the rise? Arguably membership has increased. DUE TO; alienation from trad politics, modern society (protect own interests/ time to invest in others) etc etc

Compared to Political Parties

  • PP tend to seek to make change through being elected. PG seek to influence through PP and Gov, and rarely run for election
  • PG tend to focus on specific issues
  • Can be close affiliations;  eg IRA and Sinn Fein & Labour and Trade Unions 
  • Some PP start as PG, eg the Green Party

New Social Movements:

Are broader and larger that PG and can have any different divisions and stances within; it is an umbrella term. Usually outside traditional politics as they seek a change in status quo eg. Women Rights Movement.

a) what is meant by the term new social movement? pressure group pluralism? pressure group?

b) ...consider the main ways NSM differ from PG?



Core, Peripheral, Spatial

a) explain the term promotional


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