President Truman;role in civil rights movement

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Truman first president to publically challenge segregation even though had joined the KKK as a a young man

Impact of the Cold War on Truman:

-Belived in moral duty to fight communism abroad & therefore promote freedom and realised USA couldn't fight for freedom abroad whilst black people were oppressed by segregation in the USA

Other factors that enouraged Truman to fight for the CRM:

-The black vote was becoming increasingly important to the Democratic party; had the "balance of power" in some areas

-Motivated by campaigners such as A.Philip Randolph who encouraged black people to refuse to join the US army on the grounds that it was still segregated


Election campaign to Presidental changes:




-Before the 1948 presidental election Truman's comittment to civil rights split his party (Democrats)

-Although there was a severe split in the


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