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The role of the Federal Government

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Eisenhower believed the position of African Americans would improve of its own accord over
time, therefore, he felt it was not the governments job to improve their conditions. This
approach is evident in his reluctance to become involved in Little Rock…

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Protestors were optimistic that Kennedy would be forced to intervene because of the
appalling treatment they were receiving. However, federal intervention was a bit more
complex. If Kennedy used too much of the federal heavy hand, it would be against spirit, if
not the letter of constitution.
President Kennedy was…

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The phrase `Great Society' was not new, but was put into Johnson's mouth by his eloquent
speechwriter Richard Goodwin as his catchphrase, just as Kennedy had `Great Frontier'.

Questions of poverty were tackled at Federal level by bodies such as the Office of Economic
Opportunity. Federal payment of goods and…

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Johnson's tactics paid off. The Bill went through Congress with substantial majorities, there
was certainly stiff resistance such as Senator Richard Russell's filibuster, but it didn't work.

1965 Voting Rights Act
It was clear that the 1964 CRA alone couldn't ensure universal black voter registration and
that a separate legislation…


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