Postmodernity and religion. Lyon 'Jesus in Disneyland'

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Lyon: 'Jesus in Disneyland'

Lyon argues that postmodern society has several features that are changing the nature of religion - globalisation, the increased importance of media and consumerism. As a result, traditional religion is giving way to new religious forms and these demonstrate its continuing strength. 

Interpretation: Lyon's explanation comes from a postmodernist approach. He rejects secularisation theory as a meta narrative. (i.e merely someones 'big story' about how things are supposed to be)

The relocation of religion - as a result of globalisation, there is increased movement of religious ideas across national boundaries. 

  • The media now saturate us with images/messages from around the globe, giving us instant access to the ideas/beliefs of previously remote religions.
  • These ideas are 'disembedded' as the media lift them out of their local contexts and move them to a different place and time (e.g. televangelism relocates religion to the internet and TV, allowing believers to express their faith without attending church)
  • So religion becomes de-institutionalised - its signs and images become detached from their place


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