Piaget's theory : language depends on thought

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Piaget believed that thought comes before language:

  • He believed that younger children can learn new words but will not fully understand them until they have the correct schema.
  • A bit like a parrot - they develop language by matching the correct words to the schema. 
  • For example, 'a furry thing that barks' - it is only after the child has a schema for dog that it can apply and understand this word. 
  • Conitive develpoment leads to language development.
  • As our range of schemas increases, so does our ability to express these through language.

Piaget's theory of lanuage development:

Sensorimotor stage - babies learn what their bodies can do including their ability to make sound. They learn to copy sounds of others but do not really understand them.

Pre-operational stage - children are egocentric and focused on themselves. They use language to voice their own thoughts rather than to communicate with other people.

Concrete operational stage - ability to use language has developed a lot but is only used to talk aboutconcrete and actual things.

Formal operational stage - language can be used to talk about abstarct and


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