Piaget's Theory


Piaget's Core Theory of Cognitive Behaviour.

What is Cognitive Behaviour? Age related changes - how children think and behave differently as they get older.

Piagets theory was the result of his work in the 1920's, in Paris, while looking at intelligence test.He noticed that children of the same age often make the same mistake, he observed his own kids. Piaget kept detail diaries & observations of things as they grew up and matured. Piaget was then put together a general stages theory of cognitive development:

  • Development follows a fixed order and patten
  • The behaviour is a question E.G. language gets better
  • The patten is true for eveyone

He came to the conclusion that 'children ae scientist'. He says this because children explore the world from the moment they are born. He also believed that children go through 4 stages when they are maturing.

Stage one - The Sensori motor satge ( birth - 2 years)Throughts and behaviour are generally the same. Babies are expriementing the surrounding e.g. sucking. 1. body schema- recongise that is exists physically.2. motot co-ordinated learns to co-ordinations body parts. e.g. hand to mouth3.object permancence - knowing that an object still exists…


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