An Introduction to Cognitive Development


An Introduction into Cognitive Development

Cognitive development involves the way that humans grow and develop. We think to find out what is happening around us. We use our senses to develop our understanding of our environment. Babies and children develop using different methods to older children and adults who have already partially developed. We all learn through doing and finding out for ourselves.

Jean Piaget was the first psychologist to discover and truly understand how children developed. It included our ability to discover and how we think and learn. There have been other psychologists including Lev Vygotsky who disagreed with Piaget’s theories and included his own ideas on cognitive development. He said that children were born with these thinking abilities and their cognitive development takes place with their culture.

Children develop in an order which does not change. This is INVARIANT. The order is fixed and cannot be changed. The stages in which a child develops increases in ability and intelligence and


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