Physical Activity

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Physical Activity includes:

  • Physical and Outdoor Recreation
  • Physical and Outdoor Education
  • Sport


Exercise - To exert one's muscles, especially in order to keep fit and healthy

Healthy Balanced Lifestyle - Where an individual achieves a healthy state/equilibrium, especially in the ratio of time shared between the active and non-active aspects of their life.

Lifetime Sport - Physical Activities which an individual can participate in regardless of age, for example Swimming or Golf

Life-long Physical Activity - It can be done by anyone, at any age, and it exerts energy

Benefits of regular participation in Physical Activity

  • Physical Benefits - Improved fitness / health / healthier body weight
  • Personal Benefits - Enjoyment / improved self esteem / more confident. Has that 'feel-good' factor
  • Social Benefits - New friendships / shows how to work as a team / shows communication skills
  • Emotional Benefits - Stress relief

Barriers to Physical Activity

  • Being in a minority group - Discrimination / Unfair Treatmeant / Stereotyping. An example is if you have a disability you may not be included because of it
  • Religion


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