Philosophy- Descartes

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Descartes- metaphysics- an introduction to Descartes

  • Descartes Meditations- marks a turning point between medieval and early modern philosophy.
  • much philosophy now is to do with Descartes discussed
  • comes after the "Dark ages"- a lack of significant latin liturature 
  • scholastic philosophy dominating late medieval universities was not great- a combination of catholic theology and aristotle +  ancient Greek culture ALSO relied a lot on Christian culture- "God exists, we just need to prove it" - humans are made in God's image and God's chosen people
  • Descartes- not fully a faithful man!
  • Skepticism- systematic attacks on the idea that we can know things- we are discussing philosophical skepticism here
  • Global skepticism- PYRRHORISM- we can never have any knowledge
  • Limited skepticism- there are certain things that we cannot know-i.e we cannot answer metaphysical questions 
  • The likes of Sam Harris and Dawkins were skeptical about the value of religion- SCIENTIFIC DOGMATICS-  "the problem is, religion gives people bad reasons to be good"- harris
  • The ancient sceptics would not have liked this- God was central
  • Descartes however, NOT A SKEPTIC- he does not believe that knowledge is possible
  • he purely uses the techniques of sceptism ( Hyperbolic sceptism) 
  • Descartes was a FOUNDATIONALIST- knowledge must rest on a foundation of certainty
  • he is not contradicting himself, simply taking us on his metaphysical journey!
  • His medidation- concerns things that " can be called into doubt"
  • He is NOT out to prove that every single piece of knowledge is incorrect- more trying to establish if there is truly anything we can ever be certain of
  • Dogmatist-


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