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  • The Ontological argument
    • Anselm's First argument
      • Anselm defines God as ‘a being than which nothing greater can be conceived’ It would be better to exist in reality than merely as an idea in the mind. Therefore God exists in reality as well as the mind. 
        • Gaunilo's Criticism
          •  Consider the perfect possible island in which no greater can be conceived. The best possible island could not be if it only existed in the imagination, because a better island could exist in reality. in order to be the Best Possible Island, it must exist in both mind and reality. 
      • Anselm's Second argument
        • The Greatest conceivable being cannot exist contingently because it would be greater if he had necessary existence. God cannot be thought not to exist. Therefore God exists necessarily 
    • Descartes Ontological argument
      • We cannot remove necessary existence from the concept of God, just as we cannot remove two sides from a triangle.Descartes thinks that necessary existence cannot be separated from the essence of a supremely perfect being without contradiction. God by essence is a supremely perfect being
      • Kant's Objection
        • We cannot add existence prior to our definition of a perfect being. Existence is not a concept  which could be added to the concept of a thing. Because the idea of existence does not add anything to the concept of a particular thing, Kant argues that it is not a predicate term.
    • Plantinga's Ontological Argument
      • . There is a being that exists in every possible world and has every concept e.g. omniscience, benevolence- this proposition must be true in the possible world. The same concepts are necessary in every possible world. Therefore it is possible that a being who has these properties in every possible world must have them in the actual world.


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