Descartes 2- The Cognito- Meditations 2 &3- trademark argument

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The cognito

  • Descartes attempts to rebuild knowledge
  • any experience due to the evil demon, could be deceived
  • our false memories- not reliable- a lot of what we have learned in the past could be the evil demon manipulating us
  • The cognito, "I think, therefore I am" " je pense, donc je suis"- not in the meditation but highly important
  • "COGITO ERGO SUM"- Latin- "where certainty starts from"
  • What am I?- " I know that I exist"- would imply that I can say something about what I am 
  • The evil demon could contradict all that I think I am... a human...a student etc
  • ANYTHING that I would be providing evidence for is therefore open to doubt!
  • Descartes claims that the evidence for my existence is thinking- so I am a thinking thing!
  • He uses word spirit- MIND, INTELLECT AND PSYCHE- he doesn't mean a spiritual manner. 
  • He believes it is possible we have a body and memories but that the only certain thing is that we THINK.- Descartes uses "think" in a broad sense- PROPOSITIONAL THOUGHT- proposition usually the rough meaning of a sentence; what the sentence expressess- the argument works for whatever is going on in your head! e.g sensory perception of the world
  • awareness= a good synonymn- stuff coming into your head..
  • cartesian "thinking"
  • indirect awareness- a mistake i.e thinking it's another object that it isn't
  • direct awareness- the mistake is different i.e thought the colour was different- Descartes suggests that there are no mistakes in direct awareness- relies on internal conciousness/awareness.
  • You are directly, conciously aware of the image inside your head; everything else is indirect awareness.
  • BUT as long as you are aware of something, you exist!
  • properties of mental imagery= PHENOMENAL CONTENTS
  • INFALLIABILISM- you knowing what is going on inside your head cannot be doubted!
  • so the argument is structured: 1.) I THINK THEREFORE I AM 2.) I KNOW WHAT I AM THINKING
  • everything else IS SUSCEPTIBLE TO DOUBT i.e not certain
  • because he is a rationalist- this comes from what you do with the images when you've got them


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